About St Nicholas Church

Our Mission

St Nicholas strives to be a safe and welcoming place where people can know the love of God and their neighbour.

At St Nicholas we are constantly seeking to discover more ways to become rooted in serving God and our community. As a town centre church, we work to create a safe place where people can come and 'be'; to know that they are welcomed and to use the space in a variety of different ways including formal and informal prayer. We are open on Thursdays from 10-2 for community and worship. Pop in and see us.

We are closely involved with Sutton Soup; Street Pastors and Community Works and provide an opportunity for the community of Sutton to worship together.

St Nicholas Church is the Parish Church of Sutton located in the heart of the town, close to the Civic Centre and main High Street. The Doomesday Book records the church in Sutton in the year 1087 and it is believed that St Nicholas has occupied the present site since that time. The rise in the population of Sutton during Victorian times meant that the church became too small for its congregation. The building was demolished and replaced in 1864 with the building which exists today.

The church is keen to reach out to those that come to the centre of Sutton for business and pleasure, seeking to be available for them to address their spiritual needs.  However, the focus is not entirely on them as the parish supports a population of around 9,000 (based on the 2001 Census) and there is an active congregation who worship regularly at the church.

The congregation, embracing a wide cultural and ethnic mix, is mainly comprised of those who have made their long-term home in Sutton, and a younger generation, often young families, whose stay in Sutton is more transitory.

We are a pro-active congregation trying to seek ways of reaching out to those around us with the love and good news of God.  People come from within the Parish and further afield to worship and be a part of the church.

The Local Ecumenical Partnership

St Nicholas Church, together with Trinity URC/Methodist and Sutton Baptist Church, form a Local Ecumenical Partnership and share ministry with the clergy of those churches, including holding a combined evening service at 6.30pm every Sunday.  The three churches take it in turns to host this service, rotating around on a monthly basis.