Community and Outreach

Serving the local community around St Nicholas is a key part of our mission and we are constantly seeking ways in which to fulfill this.

A number of initiatives have been developed over recent years as ways of reaching out to the wider community. This has resulted in the church being open every Thursday morning through lunchtime, and once a month on Saturday lunchtime and early afternoon during which light refreshments are served. Open Thursdays provide opportunities for those wishing to find a few moments’ quiet within the busy, noisy town centre, for those seeking conversation, company or help in a difficult time, or for those simply looking around a church frequently passed but never previously entered. There is a service of Mattins on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesday and an informal Communion on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 10:00am.

Another recent initiative has been Supper Talks held four times a year, at which supper is followed by a talk of wide interest. These evenings have been successful in engaging people across the team and have proven a good opportunity for others to invite their friends to engage with the St. Nicholas community.

The church is used every weekend as the base from which the Sutton Street Pastors work, reducing the fear of crime on the streets and helping the vulnerable and needy - a visible presence of christ and his church on Friday and Saturday afternoons to support businesses, shops and schools and in the evenings, as the nightlife of Sutton is in full swing.

St Nicholas fully supports the work of the local Foodbank as well as several other charities each year, these include Sutton Schoolswork and the Refugee and Migrant Network in Sutton.

We also support the new Sutton school being proposed in 2017 by the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education (SDBE) multi-academy trust to give parents more choice and diversity for a high quality education with christian values and strong pastoral care for their children.   Sutton C of E secondary school

Open Thursdays
The church is open for coffee and chat or quiet reflection and prayer every Thursday, 10:00am - 2pm.  Anyone is welcome to come in at this time.  There is usually a member of the clergy team available if you wish to talk to them specifically.

Care and Residential Homes
We are pleased to be able to make visits in and hold short services in a number of residential homes and care homes around the Parish.  If you would like to find out more about this then please contact the Rector.

Charities we support

Click here for further information about charities we support as a church.