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Sutton Team changing to a Group

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Date Posted: 19.02.2018

Sutton Team changing to a Group

Sutton Team Ministry

In response to a review that was undertaken of Sutton Team Ministry, the Bishop of Croydon has proposed a pastoral reorganisation in Sutton. It is as follows:

 1) that the Team Ministry is dissolved, with each church becoming a separate Parish Church. Each Parish would have a Priest assigned to them - a stipendiary Rector at St Nicholas, a stipendiary Vicar at Christ Church, and a house-for-duty Vicar at St Barnabas. Each would have incumbent status and cure of souls of their Parish.

 2) that the three churches continue to work closely together in a Group Ministry, with emphasis on our outward mission across Sutton. The group would be united around this principle and a much lighter touch Group Ministry arrangement would be drawn up. The ministry team would continue to meet for support, encouragement and fostering collaboration. This would build on some of the good work that has been done between the churches since 2006.

The proposal will be considered by the three PCCs at their next meetings.

It is emphasised that St Nicholas will continue to be part of Churches United in Central Sutton.