Main East window:

No inscription but reputedly donated by Lady Morrison at the time the church was built. A small lozenge shaped pane may show her lifting a minature of the window.

“The stained glass window above the reredos was th gift of Lady Morrison to whom Sutton owes a debt of gratitude for her munificent contributions to the Church Building Fund and the National Schools.” [Church’s Directory of Sutton 1880]

A monument by the font is in memory of her husband, Sir James William Morrison Deputy Master of the Royal Mint, died 27 June 1856 at Snaresbrook,. Essex. Lady Jane Morrison died there in 1871. There is no other known connection with Sutton or St Nicholas church.

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East window in the Lady Chapel

In memory of Laura Frances Still, obit May 18 1863

“Another stained glass window at the end of the south aisle was placed there by Mr R Still in memory of his wife who died in 1863. The name of this lady is affectionately cherished by many in Sutton who knew her unostentatious charity to the poor and kindly bearing towards all.” [Church’s Directory of Sutton 1880]

1861 census: Robert Still, age 52, Solicitor, Main Road (High Street) Sutton
Laura Frances Still age 42 , four sons and three daughters.

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Side windows in the Lady Chapel

In Memory of Lieutt Albert Price Still, RN. Drowned 3rd November 1864, Aged 22
Christ stilling the storm and Christ raising the widow’s son at Nain.

HMS Orlando.

The ship was anchored in Tunis Bay on Thursday 3rd November 1864, when a party of officers and men went onshore for a picnic. During the afternoon they were returning to the ship in the cutter under sail when they were hit by a sudden squall which overturned the boat throwing all the occupants into the sea. They were about 1000 yards from the shore. Twelve men including two Royal Marines, were drowned.

A large memorial was erected on the right hand side of the entrance to the Upper Barracca Gardens in Valletta.

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Side windows in the Lady Chapel

In Memory of John Ruck, Deceased March 18th 1859, Aged 79
The parable of the Good Samaritan and the parable of the talents.

1851 census: John Ruck, age 71, Retired Wine merchant, Croydon Lodge, Croydon.

The likelyhood is he was living with his son, also John Ruck, in Sutton at the time of his death.

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Windows on the South side of the nave

*To the Glory of God* In affectionate remembrance of John and Maria Sarah Ruck by their children. AD.MDCCCXCVIII (1898).

Born 1811 in London, John, a wine merchant married Maria Sayer and moved to Sutton Court, Carshalton Road, in 1847, afterwards to Manor Park House in 1871.

They had six children.

Church’s Directory for 1880 shows the house “empty” and in the 1881 census all the family are in Cornwall.

John died in 1888 and Maria in 1894 in Sutton.

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Windows on the South side of the nave

Erected in memory of Mary Chambers and of Minna Wells Webber by AMF, HWC, and MMW.

Psalm 30 v2 O Lord my God, I cried unto Thee and Thou hast healed me. WEC 1887
Erected in memory of William Edward Chambers by AMF, HWC and MMW.
( The centre pane originally showed Jesus healing the man at the pool of Siloam)

The centre pane, although now replaced, was the oldest and considering the inscription may have been in thanks for healing or recovery of WEC from some illness.

The left pane is in memory of his wife Mary Chambers, nee Wells, died 1897 and daughter, Minna Wells Webber (married Follet Webber 1893) died 1906.

The right pane in memory of WEC who died 1907. They lived at Eversfield, Cheam Road.

HWC: probably Herbert Chambers, son of William and Mary
AMF: probably Ada Mary, eldest daughter
MMW: possibly a Wells or a Webber that we do not know.

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Windows on the South side of the nave

To the Glory of God and in affectionate memory of Arthur Reed Jackson, Churchwarden, Died June 7th 1904 Aged 56 years

(Jackson and Rose Solicitors, 83 High Street; res.(1880) Glen Rose, Clifton Crecent, Benhill Street, later Church Hill, Sutton Common Road.)

Arthur Reed Jackson, born Maidstone, Kent, abt 1848, Educated: Dulwich College.

Mary E Jackson, wife, and children Arthur S., Douglas W., Lionel, Louise and Amy.

He was sometime Churchwarden at St Nicholas but in 1880 (Church’s Directory of Sutton)
he was Churchwarden at All Saints, Benhilton.

Douglas W Jackson would be killed in France.
A Spencer Jackson BA would be Churchwarden at St Nicholas in 1920

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West window in the South aisle
To the Glory of God and in affectionate remembrance of Samuel More Richards. At rest 12 Nov 1898AD aet 57 “Charity Never Faileth”

1891 census Samuel More Richards, wine merchant, “Lillamore”, Worcester Road.
Maria Fremont, wife and children. Albert, Lilla and Georgina.
He was Churchwarden at St Nicholas: Easter 1896 and with co-Churchwarden, Mr W.Hoare presented silver Communion vessels that we still use today..
Died 12 Nov 1898 aged 57 at Toxteth Park, Lancashire.(ref 8b page 162)

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West window in the North aisle
The window was in memory of Mary Douglas, Isabella Douglas, Isabella More Douglas for whom the brass plate below the window remains. The window depicted Faith Hope and Love.

Mary Douglas, died 31 March 1865 aged 38 (dob about 1827)
Isabella Douglas died 1 October 1870 aged 84 (dob about 1786)
Isabella More Douglas died 11 November 1888 aged 36(dob about 1852)
Manor Lodge, Carshalton Road.
These ladies are connected thrrough Charles Crokat Douglas, born about 1818 in Glasgow, Banker and Overseas Merchant; Isabella, was his mother, Mary, his wife, and Isabella More, his daughter. He died in Sutton 1901.

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The windows on the North side of the church were lost on the night of 24 September 1940 when a landmine fell in the churchyard.
One window, probably the central one (above the brass plaque to Ellen E Turner, her mother) was in memory of Evelyn Turner, daughter of Rector Turner who died of diphtheria, aged 19. The window celebrated St Faith. A description may be found in Pile’s Directory for 1900.

[In the north wall is a window with the inscription: “To the Glory of God and in dear memory of Evelyn Frances Turner, born October 6th (St Faith’s) 1875, died at Sutton Rectory, September 19th 1895, a tribute of affection from many loving hearts”. Mr E Frampton of Sutton was the artist and the principal feature of the window is the illustration of an incident in the life of St Faith: - the vision of Bishop Caprasius which it is recorded he saw when St Faith was being martyred. St Faith is depicted standing in a devotional attitude with uplifted eyes and flames under her feet; she is surrounded by ministering cherubs and a dove in glory is descending upon her with dew drops, which according to tradition quenched the flames.] quote from Piles Diectory 1900. There is no mention of stained glass in the other two windows on the north side of the church and I am left to suppose that they were still plain glass at that time.

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